Oculus Research, Inc.

  • Motivated by deep respect for the scientific value of clinical research and the ethical management of our clinical patients.
  • Fully developed Standard Operating Procedures including QA audit tools and procedures for FDA compliance
  • Ongoing review of clinical trial regulations and system adaptation
  • Prompt turn-around of regulatory documents, contracts, and budgets
  • Strong subject recruitment plans as demonstrated by solid enrollment results
  • Accurate trial performance in a timely manner with data integrity

Staff Experience

  • Our highly qualified research team has extensive experience in clinical research with exemplary community reputation.
  • Our Investigators have a total of 25 years of clinical research experience.
  • Optometrist, Ophthalmologists with retina and cornea specializations.
  • Our Research staff has over 60 years of cumulative clinical research experience, including pharmaceutical R&D drug development, CRO, and audit experience. Certified Phlebotomist on staff.
  • We have worked with large and small pharmaceutical companies and with university research centers, as well as several CROs. Our success begins with the selection of projects. We will not commit to a study unless we feel certain we can successfully meet or exceed enrollment.
  • We pride ourselves in having been a top enroller for all our completed clinical trials.
  • All our investigators and clinical staff are extensively knowledgeable, trained and experienced with FDA requirements, GCP, and ICH guidelines.